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Change the way you think about Manufacturing Scheduling and Planning with Protected Flow Manufacturing™
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Deliver On Time.
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With Protected Flow Manufacturing

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Maximize Your Flow with Protected Flow Manufacturing™

Delivering on time is important – but it’s only half the story if you’re losing money on inefficient processes. Protected Flow Manufacturing lets you achieve maximum ROI by reducing the time your jobs spend waiting and making sure each job is released at the right time in order to optimize the flow of materials into sold products. So you’re not just delivering on time – you’re doing it in less, to realize greater growth and higher profits.


“Having PFM just when orders began to pour in is proving to be very valuable. We can now see the load against all resources going forward into the future and most importantly see which ones are likely to be bottlenecks and which orders are unlikely to be delivered on time. Graphicast is now experiencing a very dynamic environment and we are determined not to be swamped by sudden success. We now know when each production order is likely to finish and let our customers know accordingly. If we must add additional capacity, we’re confident that doing so will improve on time delivery and throughput. Now we understand and see clearly what will happen to all deliveries by accepting that extra order.”

Val Zanchuk, President, Graphicast Inc.

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