PFM’s Predictor solves the riddle of when customers ask “When is my job going to be done?”

Val Zanchuck, President of Graphicast, discusses using Protected Flow Manufacturing’s Predictor to respond to when Customer’s ask “When is my job going to be done” by understanding how all jobs are placed into the production schedule, being able to identify gaps in shop floor resource capacity and being able to see anticipated completion dates.

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Seamlessly integrate Protected Flow Manufacturing into your existing ERP solution to realize the benefits of truly having your production scheduling software able to deliver on time.

Aimed specifically at the crucial area of “production execution”, Protected Flow Manufacturing™ continually directs production scheduling priorities to minimize wait time and maximize on-time delivery using data fed from a customer’s existing ERP system that customers can act on. Capable of being integrated or embedded directly into a company’s existing ERP system, PFM is designed to augment and extend a customer’s existing ERP implementation. Using Protected Flow Manufacturing, a customer continues to make use of their existing ERP system for areas such as costing, financials, full inventory control or other features like lot and serial control.  Learn more…