Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is a new, proven approach to real-time prioritization of work orders and jobs on the shop floor.
Protected Flow Manufacturing Works Seamlessly With Your Existing ERP

Protected Flow Manufacturing from LillyWorks is for any manufacturing company that manages tens, hundreds or thousands of jobs/work orders at any one time in their plant. It is especially well-suited for those companies that are struggling meeting on-time commitments to their customers, or are looking to shorten lead-times to become more competitive in their marketplace.

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Maximize Your Flow with Protected Flow Manufacturing™

Delivering on time is important – but it’s only half the story if you’re losing money on inefficient production scheduling processes. Protected Flow Manufacturing lets you achieve maximum ROI by reducing the time your jobs spend waiting and making sure each job is released at the right time in order to optimize the flow of materials into sold products. So you’re not just delivering on time – you’re doing it in less, to realize greater growth and higher profits.


“Protected Flow Manufacturing is very simple to use. It doesn’t take a person to run it. It runs on its own. We update PFM a couple times a day. It’s a self-sufficient system. It’s taken man-hours out of scheduling and sorting through jobs. Our customers now have the confidence to push more work our way knowing that we’re meeting our delivery commitments. I truly believe that PFM has made Saturn Industries a better company.”

Rory Lee, Vice President of Operations and Business Develop Manager with Saturn Industries, Inc.