Protected Flow Manufacturing™ — Industry 4.0


In the Industry 4.0 digitally connected supply chain there’s no place for inaccurate, outdated schedules. Resources need up to date, actionable intelligence – and they need it in real-time. Protected Flow Manufacturing’s cloud-based execution system works with your existing ERP to deliver real-time shop floor execution intelligence helping manufacturers to deliver on-time, in less time, every time.

No Schedules. No Spreadsheets. No Whiteboard. No Meetings.

Just Results.

Whether it’s Industry 4.0, Smart Industry or the Industrial Internet, manufacturers can transform the way they work today using Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM). With PFM it’s all about actionable intelligence, connected information and process excellence:

  • Real-time execution methodology uses predictive analytics to deliver faster production times and shorter supply chains
  • Helps to create a digital footprint across the production process by eliminating spreadsheets, manual data entry and re-keying of information
  • Forward looking simulation provides a real-time view into any future moment in time in the production process and supply chain

Industry 4.0 is the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector.

It encompasses some powerful emerging trends and technologies that look to change the way manufacturers work.

Which technologies will deliver the biggest return on investment for each company?

BCG: Sprinting to Value in Industry 4.0

Studies show that the vast majority of respondents see Industry 4.0 as an opportunity to improve productivity – but the studies also show that most manufacturers don’t have a strategic plan to implement 4.0 in practice. Most companies are still in the stage where the intention to transform their business to Industry 4.0 exists – and isolated efforts in that company may exist – but there is often a lack of a bigger picture.

Learn how Protected Flow Manufacturing can put you on a path to Industry 4.0 transformation

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