Product Summary

Extend Your Existing ERP with Protected Flow Manufacturing™

Revolutionary new Manufacturing Execution and Planning System


Aimed specifically at the crucial area of “production execution”, Protected Flow Manufacturing™ continually directs production priorities to minimize wait time and maximize on-time delivery using data fed from a customer’s existing ERP system that customers can act on.


Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is a cloud based subsystem capable of being integrated or embedded directly into a company’s existing ERP system allowing the ability to transfer data in a form compatible with Protected Flow Manufacturing™.  Customers can choose from a file method (import), our PFM Connector option or a robust API method. Depending on the option, the transfer of data can be manual or automated and periodic or real-time.

The Protected Flow Manufacturing™ subsystem includes the Production Execution WorksStation™, Predictor™, Planning WorksStation™, Flow Analysis WorksStation, and other parts of the system designed to augment and extend a customer’s existing ERP implementation. Using Protected Flow Manufacturing, a customer continues to make use of their existing ERP system for areas such as costing, financials, full inventory control or other features like lot and serial control.

The ideal workflow is to integrate Protected Flow Manufacturing™ directly with a customer’s ERP product using our PFM Connector option. The PFM Connector accesses our robust Protected Flow Manufacturing™ API using a series of webapi interfaces defined in the Protected Flow Manufacturing™ Data Controller. Using the API, commands and services that take data from the source ERP system, translate it, and send it to Protected Flow Manufacturing™ using the appropriate API calls facilitate the interaction. The PFM Connector can be configured to be completely manual, or an automated routine that works periodically. In this way, data flows from the source ERP product to Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (and optionally back again). For more deep integrations, such an integration would directly call Protected Flow Manufacturing™ and display various WorksStations™, possibly embedding the display(s) in an iframe or similar structure.
An alternative form of workflow is to use the Protected Flow Manufacturing™ import mechanism instead of the PFM Connector or directly embedding. Imports can be performed using the Import WorksStation™ or imports can also be accessed using a web service.

For more information on this revolutionary new product and how you can integrate it seamlessly into your existing ERP system, please contact us.

Protected Flow Manufacturing delivers value:
– Tight on-time delivery
– Shorter delivery lead times
– Ability to capture more business
– Ability to charge premium for shorter lead times
– Faster cash velocity (shorter time between paying for materials and collecting from customers)
– Profit percentage increases > revenue percentage increases
– Significant management time freed up by eliminating the scheduling meeting.