Your Success is Our Success

LillyWorks provides superior services to all clients directly out of our headquarters in Hampton, New Hampshire USA. Our dedicated team is always available to assist.

Although the LillyWorks software was specifically developed to be highly intuitive, allowing users to be proficient without excessive training or expertise, we place a high emphasis on training and knowledge transfer at LillyWorks. We want our customers to be very comfortable in fully utilizing their manufacturing ERP system to best take advantage of what the system can offer your business in order to increase profits and improve operations. Our service teams want you and your staff to feel at complete ease with the system and we will guide you, and your staff, through the features and functions of our software for the best overall user experience.

With LillyWorks there is no need to be a computer or cloud expert – you are already an expert at your business and your manufacturing ERP system should be the primary tool ensuring your success.

Professional Services

The LillyWorks Professional Services team has decades of experience in successful Manufacturing ERP deployments.

Our team is deeply knowledgeable in manufacturing process and planning with an intimate understanding of the businesses they serve and the technologies they deliver. We work with you to assess your specific needs, to learn what makes your business unique in its ability to differentiate and deliver on its commitments. We develop a deployment plan that’s right for your business and allows you to be successful in delivering on time, in less time, every time.

LillyWorks offers a complete range of services both direct and through our Associates. Your success is our success.

Customer Service

LillyWorks Customer Service is a resource at your fingertips to help get your product questions answered quickly and accurately.

Our Customer Service team knows the complexities of manufacturing and they understand the technology solutions being applied. They get your questions answered quickly so you can continue to deliver on time, in less time, every time. We understand what it’s like to be in the position of needing a helping hand at certain times. We understand that at some times you need more assistance than others. Our team is here to help because in the end, your success is our success.

With the different Customer Services plans we make available to our customers, you get to choose how much or how little you think you’ll need us.

Training Services

At LillyWorks we believe that your success is our success, and that all success starts with knowledge.

LillyWorks has educational and training programs designed to provide the knowledge and exposure needed to insure you and your team’s success. From onsite to online, our educational tools are there when you need them. Our education and training programs are always evolving so be sure to check back periodically or ask your LillyWorks team representative.

In addition, a wide array of education, training and consulting services are available through our Associates.