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Shop Floor Scheduling Simplified

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ by LillyWorks gives you the visibility, capability and confidence to deliver your orders to your customers on-time, in less time, every time.

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Shop Floor Visibility
See where all your jobs are and how they're progressing.
Simple Priorities
Know which job to work on next - shop-wide or in any workcenter.
Predict with Confidence
Tell your customer when she's going to get her order.

Technology Work That Works for Manufacturing

Production Scheduling

Speeds the flow of material through your shop resulting in shorter lead-times and enhanced cash flow.

Provides a cushion to absorb the impact of unforeseeable delays, as well as predicting future delays based on material and/or capacity issues.

Shop Floor Priorities for Custom, Made-to-Order Manufacturing

More than just Due Date priority, which does not correctly tell you what to work on next.

Easy-to-understand priority allows everyone to know and trust what jobs are most important now.

Eliminates time-consuming "Production Scheduling Meetings" because everyone agrees on this simple, powerful priority method.

Real-Time Visibility of Job Status

You'll know where each job is and how it's progressing:
  • Is it released yet?
  • On-track to be on-time or late?
  • Due back from the Outside Service
    (heat treating, plating)?

What Customers are Saying

UltraDex is both a make-to-stock and a make-to-order plant, and one of the benefits that we’re seeing is that, in addition to the timing for the jobs, we have now clear priority between the make-to-order and the make-to-stock.
Jeff Cederstrom Arch Global Precision
Over the course of a couple of months, we noticed the number of jobs at ‘max threat level’ were getting smaller, and by using the Predictor and the information that is provided in PFM, we were able to see that the lateness of the jobs was diminishing.
Val Zanchuck Graphicast