Why LillyWorks

Innovating solutions that actually work for manufacturing, since 1960.

Let’s make technology work for manufacturing.

LillyWorks founder Dick Lilly has dedicated his career to creating manufacturing control systems that push the boundaries of available technology, from mainframe computers to minicomputers to microprocessors to networked systems, and into the cloud. For over 55 years, Mr. Lilly has been on the forefront of MRP, MRP II, and ERP innovation. In 1991, he launched VISUAL Manufacturing, the world’s first manufacturing software to offer an intuitive graphical user interface. But he didn’t stop there. With LillyWorks, he has assembled a world-class team, focused on one goal: giving manufacturers a simple way to solve the problems that get in the way of on-time performance and flow.

There’s got to be a better way.

When the LillyWorks team realized that most shops don’t use their ERP’s scheduling features—relying instead on lots of spreadsheets and on frustrating and time-consuming scheduling meetings to negotiate priorities—we set out to revolutionize production planning and execution to simplify managing your workflow and resources. Without the meetings. The result is a revolutionary new Manufacturing Execution and Planning System that actually brings order out of chaos—letting you make commitments you can keep, while maximizing flow and avoiding the common pitfalls that eat away at your profit margins.

Introducing Protected Flow Manufacturing™

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is a revolutionary new Manufacturing Execution and Planning System aimed specifically at the crucial area of “production execution” and produces a production plan and a material plan (using data fed from a customer’s existing ERP system) that customer’s can act on.

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is a cloud based subsystem that can be integrated or embedded directly into a company’s existing ERP system allowing the ability to transfer data in a form compatible with Protected Flow Manufacturing™ using either a data stream or file method (import), or a robust API method.

Using Protected Flow Manufacturing, a customer continues to make use of their existing ERP system for areas such as costing, financials, full inventory control or other features like lot and serial control while utilizing Protected Flow Manufacturing for their production plan and material plan needs.